Generating insights on epilepsy patients for UCB

UCB is a multinational biopharmaceutical manufacturing company which has a clear focus on medicines for severe diseases and has integrated a patient-centric approach in its corporate vision. Introducing this philosophy should help those patients with severe diseases to lead a more ‘normal’ life again. In order to reach this mission, UCB uses marketing and market research to better connect with and understand patients.

What did we do?

While it has so far relied on interview-based market research techniques for generating insights, UCB is now engaging in netnographic studies. It generates additional and complementary insights and enables to truly listen to the patients’ voice.

The results

UCB now actively applies online conversation studies as input to increase the effectiveness of its brand plans. For brand managers it was important to position social media netnography versus interview-based research. Getting insights directly from patients during spontaneous discussions has also helped UCB to take steps in putting patient-centricity into action.

How did the client experience it?

“We learned that social media netnography can lead to new consumer and patient insights. If managers discover new insights, new phenomena, they might realise that the given insight is at the same time the problem and the solution. It can then result in an actionable return, e.g. an idea for advertising, innovation or experience…”
René Hansen, Global Director Business Transformationa at UCB Pharma