Check out our brand new jobsite

After the launch of our new InSites Consulting website mid-January, we can now also proudly announce the rebirth of our jobsite! The past few months were months of constantly brainstorming, shaping and reshaping the site together with our HR, IT, Design and Marketing team. But now the new jobsite is finally a fact! The site offers a lot to discover, such as a message from our CEO Kristof De Wulf, new job openings & internship opportunities, a backstage view on our team, stories of InSites colleagues and much more.
With the new site, we of course hope to find more new talent to help shape the future of market research, but on the other hand, we also want to show the world what we stand for as an employer, how our colleagues experience working at InSites Consulting, where you can meet us and discover the fun we have in the backstage area!
So  there’s one more thing to do: pay a visit to our brand new jobsite. We hope you like it? Tell it. Tweet it! 😉 And of course feel free to share your feedback via

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