Closeness to consumer, hype or sustainable reality?

Many companies want to be as close as possible to the consumer. They hope to better understand which emotions, considerations and purchasing choices play in the heads of the consumer. But how do you achieve that and above all : delivers “closeness” genuinely new insights, where marketers can learn from you? What research techniques are used in this context, what do they provide and how does the marketers go? And involves the “close” to the consumer a new responsibility of marketers and their business to the same consumer?
This and much will be covered at the MOAbouts, Tuesday, November 2, 2010 in Bilderberg.
A snapshot of the program :
Tom De Ruyck (Insites Consulting) and Susanne Strand (ING): ‘Always On’ How ING entered into dialogue with the Dutch students!
• Elly de Boer (Ymere) and Pauline Source (MarketResponse): Working from coalitions: in search of the non-natural partner
• Coen Dekker (Heineken) Heineken brewery or marketing?
• Muriel Cook (Beautiful Lives) and Mark Hart’s (Albron): Center Parcs: Let’s get closer, the guest’s image
• Saskia Goedhart (ASR Netherlands) and Michiel van Donselaar (ASR): How our clients brings our dillemma’s
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