Co-creating the future of watching TV with Stievie

Stievie is a TV-watching application, which is currently being developed as a shared project between the 3 main broadcasting corporations in Flanders: VRT, VMMa and SBS Belgium in collaboration with InSites Consulting. The application will enable Flemish inhabitants to watch television on their smartphone or tablet, either live or with a slight delay (up to 36 hours back in time). In a test phase, 10,000 inhabitants of Flanders will get the chance to test Stievie via their iPhone and iPad.
The test phase is, of course where InSites Consulting comes in, to measure how people use Stievie and which improvements may be possible. We are currently gathering a panel of 10,000 members as a representative test group, who will test Stievie for free and evaluate it during 4 months. During this period the testers can view the following ten Flemish channels: één, vtm, VIER, CANVAS, 2BE, VIJF, Vitaya, JIM, Ketnet/OP12 and vtmKzoom. In exchange, these people accept to answer a few questions at regular intervals.

Flemish TV channels

Amongst other things, we will search for the ideal payment method: directly to the end user, for example, via the app store, or in collaboration with other partners. At the end of the test period it should be clear in what shape and form Stievie should be launched into the market. And this is how Flanders co-creates the future of watching television!
All Flemish inhabitants who own an iPhone or iPad and who would like to be a part of the test audience can register from today onwards on (of course in Dutch). The Stievie test version is currently only available for iOS (iPhone and iPad); after the test phase it will be determined when the app can also be downloaded on Android or other platforms.

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