Co-creation… as it should be!

On Wednesday 24th June the first Co-Creation Event takes place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. This event is an initiative of RedesignMe in cooperation with Syntens.

What is co-creation?

It is the process of involving an external group of people to an innovation process of a product or service. These people can be your customers, experts, consumers, end-users or any other stakeholder that is important to you.


The Co-Creation Event is a half-day filled with workshops and speaker sessions. Tom De Ruyck, R&D Consultant at InSites Consulting will present the workshop ‘Co-creation… zoals het hoort!

At InSites Consulting we believe that co-creation of individuals should be based on specific consumer profiles, not just random selection of consumers. We developed a motivational model to differentiate ‘innovators‘ and ‘gatekeepers‘ from the mainstream consumers. The difference between ‘innovators’ and ‘gatekeepers’ is based on the difference in self monitoring. ‘Innovators’ as well as ‘gatekeepers’ differentiate themselves from mainstream consumers by a higher dispositional innovation urge and an eager to learn self presentation. We developed a research procedure with a wide set of tools that fit the social characteristics of both consumer groups (e.g. Blogs for ‘innovators’ and Online Discussion Groups for ‘gatekeepers’). In this workshop we will deliver the proof that the ‘innovators and gatekeepers’- approach leads to different and better product ideas.

Read more about the full program and register online.

For more information, you can contact Tom De Ruyck (

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