Community member of the year

Thousands of consumers have already participated in one of our Online Research Communities all around the world (in 25 countries this year alone). As we know how cool it is to receive awards for our hard work, we thought it is only fair that we pass this feeling on to our participants, a way of showing our (and our clients) appreciation for the value they bring to make better products/services and create more relevant marketing.
That’s why we asked our moderators to nominate a participant who they believe deserves to be crowned as the Community Member of the Year. From this list of participants we created a shortlist, which was then voted on by the moderators themselves. Even though the race was incredibly close, with all of the nominated community members receiving a lot of votes, in the end we found a winner…
Please join us in congratulating Kristin! (from NYC – USA)
Kristin participated in a community for urban parents. In the words of Renee, the moderator who nominated Kristin:

Kristin is a very active participant. Even though she has an incredibly busy life, she still managed to make time to contribute in the community. Kristin uses a lot of pictures and is very good at describing her own life – after only a couple of weeks I already feel like I really know her! It was a true pleasure to have Kristin as a community participant, and I am really happy that she won! The client was really happy to have Kristin as a community member as well – she won one of their strollers as a reward for participating in the community!

So congratulations again to Kristin, our very first Community Member of the Year! Her price -a unique InSites Consulting branded iPhone case- should be arriving shortly.

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