Creative Crowdsourcing

Need to boost creativity? Meet creative crowdsourcing, a unique ideation solution using the fresh thinking of our proprietary creator network eÿeka.

Getting fresh ideas in 4 easy steps

Creativity is the number one skill needed to survive and thrive in the current market reality. Yet too often organizations resemble assembly lines more than creative hotbeds. Did you know that only 1% has the creative skill to think out-of-the-box and craft new content? The probability your internal stakeholders all fit within that 1% is extremely low. Businesses need to open the gates and embrace creative crowdsourcing. 

Our global creator community eÿeka boosts creativity through global online contests. How it works:

  1. The right brief
    Not all brand challenges are created equal. Together, we transform your brand or innovation challenge into a provocative community brief to attract large numbers of eÿeka creators.
  2. The creative contest
    Let the games begin! Creators all around the world submit their creative ideas into an online Global Ideation Contest via our Square platform. Expect between 30 and 100 clever inspiring new ideas in just a matter of days.
  3. Towards winning concepts
    Together with your stakeholders, we help you make the most of the community’s creative ideas in a workshop-setting by transforming the strongest raw ideas into actionable concepts for screening, briefing or execution. Final concepts resulting from the crowd-inspired workshops routinely outperform benchmarks by 20 to 40%.
  4. Transfer intellectual property
    The crowd plays for fun & fame, but there is also a monetary prize for the winning ideas. The winning creators share in the agreed prize pool and in exchange transfer their intellectual property. It’s a win-win.

Better and faster ideas, guaranteed

The network connects +400 000 highly creative designers, copywriters and creative thinkers (75% of whom are Millennials) in +160 countries. Every contest, we guarantee to 30 to 100 fresh ideas in a few weeks’ time, ranging from raw ideas to fully designed concepts.

We easily connect participants from 20 to 40 different countries per contest, ensuring a truly outside-in perspective. Did you know that 92% of winning ideas come from countries different than where the brief originated?

Triggered? Learn how to tap into the crowd’s creative intelligence in our bookzine ‘The Creativity Gap’ and get to better ideas, faster.

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