Creative crowdsourcing

Innovation comes with creativity, one of the key drivers of innovation success. A report by McKinsey (2017) claims that 67% of the companies in the top quartile in terms of creativity displays an above-average organic revenue growth.

However, generating new ideas with internal teams can be challenging. Only 1% has the creative skill to think out-of-the-box and craft new content. The probability that members of business innovation teams all fit within that 1% is extremely low or even nonexistent.

Our solution

Meet creative crowdsourcing by our proprietary eÿeka network , a selected group (75% of whom are Millennials) of highly creative designers, copywriters and creative thinkers, connecting 400,000+ members in 167 countries.

  • This unique skilled global creator network solves client challenges by submitting their creative ideas into online Global Ideation Contests via our Square platform.
  • Creative crowdsourcing is not just an add-on, it is integrated in everything we do, from innovation to customer experience. The contest challenges range from product and service innovation to communication campaigns or packaging innovation, for which the network delivers a range of well-articulated, illustrated ideas.
  • The crowd plays for fun & fame, but there is also a monetary prize for the winning creative ideas.
  • The ideas are analyzed, clustered and transformed into ‘winning’ business concepts ready for market launch during an internal workshop.


Every contest easily connects participants from 20 to 40 different countries, and results in 30 to 100 creative ideas in a few weeks’ time. This output is guaranteed – and if not, we rerun the contest. Final concepts resulting from these crowd-inspired workshops routinely outperform benchmarks by 20 to 40%.


Thomas Langella
Creative crowdsourcing expert
Team Leader eÿeka

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