Culture + Trends

Cultural shifts and emerging trends are in continuous interaction with consumers, shaping categories and impacting brands. You wish to be at the front end of change, successfully leveraging culture and trends for business growth, now and in the future.

Understanding and applying cultural shifts and emerging trends are relevant in any business challenge, whether it’s the start of an innovation challenge, contextualizing the customer journey or developing new brand territories.

Our solution

Meet Culture + Trends, a range of solutions that identify and illustrate how culture and/or trends impact your brand, delivering tailored, actionable future-facing insights. 

Culture + Trends draws from a unique blend of resources including  

  • Our Illume Network of cultural curators 
  • Our global network of semioticians 
  • Our future consumer thought leadership 
  • Our internal knowledge library using carefully selected reliable resources 

The engine of our approach is our proprietary Human Drivers model, a framework rooted in positive psychology.   We work across both culture – the hidden forces informing values and beliefs – and trends – the visible behaviours, fasions or sub-cultures, to successfully shape the future of your brand.  


We do not only work for the niche brands or the ‘cool kids on the block’; we have a variety of local heroes and global brands across sectors in our portfolio. Discover some spotlight projects below.


Kelly McKnight
Head of Culture + Trends