Differing hearts and souls

“By offering consultancy services we re-connect marketers with their audience. […] Researchers of the next generation need to adapt consultancy methods to ensure full organizational uptake of what our clients have learned from research.”  This is a quote by one of my co-founders here at InSites Consulting, Joeri Van den Bergh. He was quoted in this blogpost, in which Anke Moerdyck announced the joining of Polle de Maagt as a marketing consultant at InSites. It was the end of November 2010. Now, it’s August 2011, and in the last couple of months we have worked hard to formulate a clear consulting offering towards clients. It became clear to us that a pure consulting offering, i.e. giving advice to our clients without a direct voice of the consumer, is an offering which lies too far away from our DNA and our vision on marketing.
We want to give marketing advice by bringing the consumer closer to the decision making unit of our clients. We want to formulate recommendations based on research and market findings. Sure, we still have work to do to make the shift towards more consultative research, an evolution which will take place in the next months and even years.
Given the decision about our consulting services, we came to the conclusion that there is now some kind of incompatibility between the heart and soul of Polle and the heart and soul of InSites. Polle and InSites, therefore, mutually decided to take separate roads.  We want to thank Polle for the past inspiring months at InSites and wish him all the best in his future career. We will meet again.
Want to know what Polle will be doing in his future career (except for the obvious striving for  #worlddomination), check out his blogpost about him leaving InSites today on his personal blog.

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