Digital Marketing First 09

More than 2,000 marketing professionals attended the 4th edition of the Digital Marketing First exhibition in Tour & Taxis. On the agenda of this edition: 75 exhibitors, more than 50 workshops and 8 keynote speakers.

As InSites Consulting, we were invited to present the results of the Ultimate Twitter Study, a recent study on why and how people are using Twitter. People’s motivations for using the Twitter service are very relevant for marketers who want to get acquainted with the ins and outs of Twitter, so we were delighted to provide them with our insights!


Our presentation was scheduled at 5 pm, but we arrived early to follow some of the interesting sessions we pinpointed on the program of the day. We were really looking forward to the presentation of Jo Caudron (ex ONE Agency – founder of Dear Media) on social seeding. Although we did not fully know what exactly to expect, it grabbed our attention so we gave it a try!

Round 3 pm we found a seat to follow the ‘Social seeding’- presentation. As many others were joining us as well, the room was boiling hot in no time. But it was worth the effort since Jo brought a very inspiring story with concrete guidelines for effective usage of social media, calling it a: a unique model to create new ways of relevant communication between your brands and your audience.

Two interesting learnings:

  • Think about your real influencers: possibly famous bloggers and/or social media guru’s aren’t relevant for your business. Your employees are your real influencers!
  • Do not overdo: don’t kill the power of your network by over posting !

After a short stop at the keynote session of Emakina on brand experiences, by Brice Leblévennec, we moved on to room 4 in order to get things done for our own presentation ‘To tweet or not to tweet’.

At 5pm sharp Tom started his speech on the Twittersphere and along the way more and more people hopped in to dive into the results of our study!

And it seemed that the audience liked it, according to the tweets we’ve picked up during and after the presentation:

We are glad to notice that our study resulted in useful take-aways for the attending marketers. We left the Digital Marketing First event shortly after our presentation with a satisfied feeling.

Download the full results of the qualitative phase here.

It seems that we missed the female stripper in the end, who was hired to promote an online reputation firm. But well, the room was hot enough already!

We’re already looking forward to DMF’10. Hope to meet you there as well!

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