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2021 Culture + Trends report

La differ-France
Comment le consommateur francais post-2020 se distingue

📅 Tue Apr 20
⏰ 10am CET

Virtuelles Event
Die Entwicklung des Verbrauchers nach 2020 in Deutschland

📅 Thu Apr 22
⏰ 4pm CET

Virtueel Event
2021 Culture + Trends online workshop

📅 Fri Apr 23
⏰ 2pm CET

2020 has been eventful to say the least, but amidst the crises we’ve witnessed, there is a silver lining. Confronted with a global pandemic we collectively opened our doors to new attitudes, behaviors and values, changing how we seek and attain happiness, a happiness reset you could say. Happiness has always been the holy grail of human life, yet the events of the last year have caused a shift in how we achieve it and will try to do so in the future.

As experts in human behavior, we are often asked: what is next?

To answer this, we use a unique methodology, combining a macro analysis and qualitative exploration with our leading-edge consumer network, to identify 14 trends that have shaped the post-2020 consumer. A final stage of quantification by 15,000 consumers in 16 markets, enables us to understand the strength of attitude and behavior of consumers in relation to each trend (via a field partnership with Dynata).

To explore these trends and how they are manifesting in local markets, our French, German & Dutch team invite you for a local deep-dive session. Sign up today to join one of our April virtual trend events!

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