Innovation is high on the agenda for many organizations, yet incumbents and established companies often struggle with the speed and quality of innovation, and are challenged by successful disruptors and start-ups. The old ways of innovating often lack the DNA of what makes the disruptors successful: friction, passion and pilot.

  • Friction
    Understand relevant consumer frictions and underlying insights. Insights are the driver of the whole innovation process, they form the starting point and should become embedded in everything you do. We help you uncover relevant insights, validate them and activate them throughout the organization.
  • Passion
    Successful innovators do not rest before their problem is solved. Their insight does not change, but their solution iterates constantly through careful ‘curation’ of their innovation assets and smart co-creation.
  • Pilot
    The innovation process does not end at market launch; instead it often works with beta launches and explores new routes along the way. Go-to-market is part of the innovation cycle.

Our innovation research is designed around an iterative approach which structurally integrates these three DNA elements. Yet, not all innovation needs are the same, nor should they follow a similar approach. Launching a new flavor or service feature requires a different approach compared to developing a completely new product or service.

We tune our research to your innovation needs, by starting each innovation track with a pre-analysis to determine the ideal modular approach. Depending on the project-specific needs, we suggest a tailored innovation track including some or multiple iterative modules centered around the three key pillars of innovation research at InSites: friction, passion and pilot.

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Innovation Envy

Unfolding the DNA of successful disruptors. What can established innovators learn from these successful disruptors? How do you increase the speed and quality of innovation internally? How can your organization embed the disruption DNA in your innovation process and research?

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