Get a creativity boost: meet the eÿeka network

The eÿeka network connects +400,000 highly creative designers, copywriters and creative thinkers across the globe to solve any creative business challenge via creative crowdsourcing.

Stuck with getting new creative ideas? Need to boost your innovation process? When innovating for the future, you need to use the right people at the right time. We know that 90% of people validate, 9% curate and only 1% create. Meet our eÿeka network, that 1% of talented creators who love to solve brands’ challenges with fresh thinking and creative ideas.  

A truly outside-in perspective

Ideas often lack freshness as they come from people with similar background and experiences. What really thrives innovation is unconstrained & unfiltered creativity. We connect +440 000 members across 160 countries, with specific creative talents.

Via creative crowdsourcing contests, they share their ideas and design new concepts. The creators are intrinsically motivated and play for fun & fame, as only the best ideas get rewarded in exchange for transfer of the intellectual property.

Better and faster ideas, guaranteed

We guarantee 30 to 100 fresh ideas in a few weeks’ time, ranging from raw ideas to fully designed concepts. Every contest easily connects participants from 20 to 40 different countries, truly bringing in the outside-in perspective. Did you know that 92% of winning ideas come from countries different than where the brief originated? Discover how Arnott’s, Anheuser-Busch, KitKat and more boosted their creativity.

Triggered? Learn how to tap into the crowd’s creative intelligence in our bookzine ‘Bridging the Creativity Gap’ and get to better ideas, faster.

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