Ingredients of Customer Centricity: Extreme Creativity

Customer Experience determines not only whether a brand survives, it determines if it thrives. In this series of articles, our goal is to elucidate and extrapolate the various ingredients of customer centricity. First, an organizational shift towards adopting a customer-first mentality (Extreme Customer Obsession), and then how to timeously act on your renewed understanding of your customer (Extreme Speed). In this article, we will focus on the third element, Extreme Creativity, that accelerates our journey towards being a consumer-first organization.

“When it comes to creating and delivering a remarkable experience for customers, one of the key points is tech and data as enablers, whereas empathy and creative are the drivers” ~ Glen Hartman, Senior Managing Director Accenture Interactive

As consumers’ wants and needs change, being more creative in your approach means you can stay abreast of these changes and do something about them more quickly and easily. If you wish to excel, you have to be creative. Yet creativity is a unique skill, which we sadly cannot all master. According to Forrester, out of every 100 people, 90 can validate a concept (they’re the spectators), 9 can curate concepts, but only 1 can truly create.


Tweetaway orangeTweetaway: If you wish to excel, you have to be creative via @InSites #mrx #newmr #CEXP #CXresearch #CEXPresearch

Yet businesses can overcome their own limitations, and bridge their knowledge and creativity gaps by engaging in external collaboration initiatives. This has given rise to creative crowdsourcing initiatives, such as our very own eÿeka network, a global community of 400,000+ consumers that enjoy engaging in creative assignments. The eÿeka community is comprised of designers and copywriters and a wealth of other creatives – amateurs and professionals alike – that address all types of creative challenges, from product and service innovation to communication, activation, and packaging.

Tweetaway orangeTweetaway: According to Forrester, out of every 100 people, 90 can validate a concept, they’re the spectators, 9 can curate concepts, but only 1 can truly create via @InSites #mrx #newmr #CEXP #CXresearch #CEXPresearch

Consider the example of McDonald’s – they involved the eÿeka creative community to aid with their challenge to create a more personalized experience for their customers. The challenge resulted in 217 potential solutions by 167 participants from 40 different countries. Several of these solutions have been successfully piloted and implemented in the relevant markets, truly offering McDonald’s customers a more personalized experience.
Moreover, McDonald’s compiled a booklet with a selection of the best topline ideas it had received from the community. The booklet outlined the best suggested ideas to address the challenges, and elaborated a bit on each in terms of its implementation and potential outcomes. McDonald’s then leveraged the booklet in local workshops organized in six different markets across Europe, where internal stakeholders refined the ideas to better fit their specific market needs, creating prototypes and rolling these out locally. This creative tact has also improved internal stakeholder engagements, proving that it’s more than possible to outsource creativity, while making (and owning!) that impact.
This form of crowdsourcing creativity has become more prevalent in recent years, especially because it’s a powerful tool to take your Customer Experience solutions to the next level. By harnessing the power of this collaborative creativity, and harnessing the power of creative crowdsourcing, not only will you be better able to deliver creative products, services and solutions, it’s a sure-fire way to win with your customers.
Like the Copernican Revolution, the Customer Journey Revolution will undoubtedly ripple well into the future, with many organizations having to evolve if they wish to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of their customers.
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