InSites Consulting becomes Founder Member of ESOMAR’s new corporate membership

Today ESOMAR, the World Association for Market, Social and Opinion Research, announced the launch of a new corporate membership. While ESOMAR only offered individual membership to research professionals until now, the new corporate membership also includes companies as members. Eight leading companies have signed up as Founder Members, establishing themselves as core supporters of the principles and standards for which ESOMAR stands. InSites Consulting is one of these companies, next to Altria Client Services, B2B International, Bazis Group, BrainJuicer Group, MAP Market Research, Psyma and SKIM.
ESOMAR is delighted that InSites Consulting has become a Founder member of our newly launched Corporate Membership programme,” says Finn Raben, ESOMAR Director General. “Both ESOMAR and the industry have benefitted tremendously from their active support and contributions to market research throughout the years and we look forward to expanding our relationship with the various InSites offices as corporate members.”
prof. Dr. Niels Schillewaert
ESOMAR is the best in class association for marketers and market researchers – locally as well as internationally, on clients as well as on agency side – for networking, learning and innovation. Therefore we’re proud to be the first Founder Corporate ESOMAR Member, as this membership highlights InSites Consulting’s global as well as local commitment to quality research. Innovation is at its best when shared and we wish to help our industry evolve,” adds Niels Schillewaert, co-founder InSites Consulting and Business Director InSites Consulting USA.
To conclude, Kristof De WulfKristof De Wulf, also co-founder and CEO of InSites Consulting says: “We feel the strategic goals of the ESOMAR organization are very close to those of our own. At InSites Consulting, we are working hard to advance the research profession through co-creating new, powerful and relevant solutions with and for our clients. By doing this, we want to make the research industry more appealing to different stakeholders and younger people more specifically as they are the future of the industry. Also, we believe in open sharing with industry peers as this will allow the industry to evolve faster and become more competitive. Given our strong strategic fit, it is a true honor to become Founder Member of the new ESOMAR Corporate Membership.”

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