InSites Consulting launches MC DC

There are many market research reports and articles available on the market that contain figures about the uptake of digital media (e.g. the number of people on social networks, the activities they conduct online, how they use their mobile phone…), but few reports and articles go beyond these figures. It’s true that consumers live and interact with brands and people in the virtual world, but many marketers are still left in the dark about vital questions such as: How to use social networks for brand building? How to co-create with consumers via digital channels? How to gain acceptance as a brand when entering their world? How to strengthen your brand via mobile and location based services? …
That’s why we launched the MC DC “Marketers & Consumers, Digital & Connected”.
I truly believe that MC DC is a unique proposition in today’s market. Many companies, brand managers, marketers, digital agencies… are struggling with the endless possibilities technology offers them to connect with their target audience. With MC DC we want to take research forward. We go beyond basic adoption and usage data available today and bring clarity and vision on the fundamental issues marketers have to deal with every day. Based on conversations with marketers we defined 17 challenges brands, companies and marketers are confronted with when entering the digital world of consumers. Each challenge is covered in the MC DC report, bringing clear and actionable advice on how to deal it.
Furthermore, we are very proud to announce our partnership with IAB Europe, the leading trade association of the European digital and interactive marketing industry, in the first edition of the MC DC.
Go ahead and start exploring the MC DC 2009 with a free LINK account or your exclusive UNITE account as IAB member or order now and experience the full richness of our CONNECT package by upgrading right now.
The full CONNECT package will be available in September 2009. For more information or online ordering, visit
If you have any questions regarding the MC DC, don’t hesitate to connect with me:
Gianni Cooreman, Digital research manager,, Tel: +32 (0)9 269 16 01.

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