InSites Consulting launching Mobile and Social Media extensions to MROCs at #mrmw

InSites Consulting today officially released a set of Mobile and Social Media extensions to its Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) at the Market Research in the Mobile World Congress (use #MRMW on Twitter for a search) which was due today and yesterday in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Find below some quotes by our research & ForwaR&D Lab people about these new addons and the presentation our Elias Veris just gave at the congress!
Tom De Ruyck, head of Research Communities at InSites Consulting:

“MROCs allow a 24/7 connection with key customers and the richness of time to co-create with them. What we still missed was giving participants the possibility to share their experiences at the exact moment they were happening at, whenever, wherever. With the launch of our MROC Mobile App & Facebook Integration, this issue is now solved. Participants can now share their opinions and lives in the ‘heat of the moment’, giving us the richness of information about the context in which they live and evaluate products and services.”

Mobile solutions
Elias Veris our senior research innovator about the new mobile research solutions:
“The mobile application we built on our MROC platform strengthens two core dimensions of our Research Community method. Firstly, it allows for more engagement with the research, since it’s always on, and thus creates more data. Secondly, it allows us to get better data; we can get more personal and more contextual information from respondents. As such, we are truly breaking the barriers of place and time that market research has been struggling with for a while.”
InSites Consulting has developed a Facebook research community app for RTL Netherlands and Talpa which was executed on the Facebook fanpage of The voice of Holland. Bas de Luij, research innovation manager at InSites Consulting:
“Facebook is everywhere. This August it will reach 1 billion members. Using Facebook as a platform for our MROC approach is very promising. Our Facebook Research Community Integration allows brands to get to the core of their fans, engage with them in a natural way and actually do research in the right digital context. More specifically: for The voice of Holland, we were able to catch the opinions of the show.s fans and to actually discuss with them in-depth in the heat of the moment, prior to, during and right after the show. Key in our approach is that it.s a closed environment, a seamless integration with Facebook, moderated by trained professionals, and exclusive for 50 fans in a 3-week period. created a pressure cooker for brands to develop, co-create and discuss their Facebook campaigns in-depth.”
Presentation on #MRMW

About MRMW
The MRMW conference had an exciting and impactful programme comprised of presentations from distinguished experts and important and wide-ranging contributions on the current state-of-the-art and future of insight generation, with an emphasis on mobile marketing research technologies and approaches. The conference focussed on four main modules: Riding the Crest of the Innovation Wave, Best Practices in Emerging Research Methods, Threats & Opportunities: The Research Industry Outlook, and To Boldly Go Where No Researcher Has Gone Before… In this last module, presenters and attendees worked together as futurists to develop a working model of what the global market research space may be like in the mid-term future. More information:

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