InSites Consulting wins 2 ESOMAR Awards

ESOMAR announced six award winners at this year’s General Congress in Montreux, Leading the way ethically, responsibly, creatively. InSites Consulting won 2 of them, the Young Researcher Award and Best Overall Paper. Congratulations to everybody who helped accomplish these projects!
Annelies Verhaeghe, Senior ForwaR&D Lab Consultant won the Young Researcher of the Year award with her paper on aging: ‘And they lived happily ever after…‘. The Young Researcher of the Year Award was launched this year. Researchers under the age of 30 were asked to submit a project on one of three broad social issues: world poverty, aging or the environment. More than 80 entries were received from over 25 different countries.
Annelies used social media nethnography and co-creation to better understand how health conditions can affect the elderly and their care givers. Inspired by her grandmother, she delivered a wealth of insight into health related anxieties, with wide ranging practical and easily implemented recommendations for those who provide family and institutional care. What the jury said: “Verhaeghe has shown innovative thinking throughout, which has led a first-rate piece of work. An excellent example of exploratory research into an increasingly important aspect of humanities.’
Annelies Verhaeghe: “I am of course very happy to win this award for me, the ForwaR&D Lab team and InSites Consulting. Recently I saw an interview with Ferran Adria, Chef of El Bulli, on television where he was reacting on the several awards El Bulli received as best restaurant of the world. He was claiming that the fact that you win an award means that you have a certain influence on the industry. I can only hope that for my paper on aging this can also be true for the market research industry. We have ignored spontaneous consumer feedback for a long time and I hope that my paper illustrates what we can learn from social media. Moreover, it would be satisfying if health care professionals, caregivers or governments can put my recommendations into practice.”
The second award for InSites Consulting was Best Overall Paper, the ‘Fernanda Monti Award’. This award rewards the best paper in any field presented at the ESOMAR Congress. ‘The Longest Day. Cultural differences in CSR‘ by Tom De Ruyck, Niels Schillewaert, Annelies Verhaeghe and Michael Friedman. Corporate (Social) Responsibility is high on the agenda of almost every national and international company, but little is understood about what it does to a brand or how a brand should deal with it. ‘The Longest Day’ delivered the analysis from an in-depth multi-country study with insights into the relationship between corporate social responsibility and branding across multiple industries and supported by multiple clients. What the jury said: “This paper show a real understanding of business issues by providing its actual impact on decision making.”
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