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The Mobile Mindset

The Mobile Mindset

Outlining the trends and usage of mobile phones and tablets. What are the core drivers for mobile marketing strategies and applications? How can you develop and fine-tune your mobile marketing strategy? The findings summarized in this bookzine highlight how you can be more successful with mobile.

From co-creation to structural collaboration

From co-creation to collaboration

How to broaden your operation to be a more collaborative enterprise. What are the benefits in including customers in the decision flow? How do you integrate the voice of the customer in your innovation flow? This paper describes steps to evolve into a more structural collaboration.


How Cool Brands Stay Hot

Marketing principles for the Next Generation. What drives Generation X & Y in their purchasing decisions? How can brands reach the NextGen consumers? How to create more relevant marketing campaigns for this target audience? This book explains best practice tactics and approaches through case studies and interviews with marketing execs across the globe.

A six step content marketing model

A six-step content marketing model

The Evolution of content marketing. The traditional advertising and marketing models are coming under increased pressure – consumers are changing, marketing approaches aren’t keeping up. The bookzine outlines a pragmatic approach to become a more relevant content marketing brand.

Social Media Integration Survey

Social Media Integration Survey

Social Media integration and related societal and retail effects. How are your audience using social media? What are the barriers to adoption? This bookzine offers insights into the ever-growing phenomenon of Social media integration in the US an UK.

How to integrate social media into your organization

How to integrate social media into your organisation?

Integrating Social Media into your organization. In this bookzine, Prof Steven van Beleghem shares some practical tactics of becoming a more social organization and the potential benefits the engagement can unlock for your brand.

Social media netnography for epilepsy

Social media as the central nervous system for learning about epilepsy

A more holistic approach to social listening and research. One of the limits of traditional research is its reliance on consumer self-reporting. Are you capturing spontaneous thoughts and feelings? Do people actively engage in these rigid conditions? This bookzine notes how researchers can uncover golden nuggets from a more modern approach.

The Social Dynamics Model

The Social Dynamics Model

Integrating social media and customer-centric thinking into your organization. Based on in-depth interviews with senior executives, this bookzine outlines the implementation of social media listening and engagement in your business.

Engage, Inspire, Act

Engage, Inspire, Act

The three steps to developing more impactful products and services. How can brands constantly farm insights to stay relevant? This article describes a framework of engaging and inspiring an organization through consumer insights, and how to make more impactful decisions based on these insights.

How fans became future shapers of an ice cream brand

How fans became future shapers of an ice-cream brand

How empowered consumers can future-proof a product. Why do companies have to listen to their consumers? How can consumers support brands beyond the purchase? This bookzine defines how engaged consumers can collaborate with your brand to develop popular products.

Synergizing natural and research communities

Synergizing natural & research communities

An untapped stream of consumer intelligence. Is your brand embracing the new mode of engaging with your customers? What can you learn from these social ecosystems? This paper highlights how to tap into conscious streams of insights, without burdening your consumer.

Exploring the world of water

Exploring the world of water

A look into consumer water usage and attitudes. What are consumers wants and needs when it comes to water consumption? to investigate water consumption from different angles, we implemented a ‘fusion research’ design. This paper outlines different methods of discovering usage and attitudes, each different approach highlighting a different consumer aspect.

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