Marketing Book of the Year 2014

As published on How Cool Brands Stay Hot on March 18, 2014. Since 2012 Expert Marketer Magazine has been organizing a competition to crown the Marketing Book of the Year, based on the opinion of the jury, an advisory board of expert marketers – not only to award the most inspiring book but also to encourage authors, publishers and marketers in all parts of the world to take initiatives for sharing their ideas by means of the written word. In 2012, my book How Cool Brands Stay Hot won the first edition and this year I was given the chance to experience the other side of it, as a member of the jury.
Congratulations to all finalists for sharing their exciting ideas in such great ways! I can personally recommend the following readings:
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Winner: The Big Lie

by Christophe Juan, Meabh Quoirin and James Murphy
The Big Lie is a well-written story about the paradox between what consumers say in market research and what really matters to them. It is a must-read for all consumer insights managers, market researchers and marketers in general. It is definitely a book that deserves more coverage, as it brought me new and relevant insights based on the solid combination of research and trendwatching. Read more

Second place: Customer CEO

by Chuck Wall
Customer CEO confronts you with a new market reality: consumers now have the upper hand. They choose which companies to do business with. In this book Chuck Wall proves how companies can profit by quickly adapting to the new landscape and understanding the specific powers which consumers possess. Chuck offers you a roadmap of fresh ideas and tools to embrace the power of consumers. Read more

Third place: The Meaningful Brand

by Nigel Hollis
The Meaningful Brand claims that loyalty (i.e. repeat business) is the key to a brand’s long-term success, which requires focusing on meaningful differentiation. The book gives you the 4 components of a meaningfully unique brand: purpose, delivery, resonance and difference. With the help of global cases, Nigel shows you how to amplify what a brand stands for across all its consumer touchpoints. Read more

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