Matthijs van den Broek is InSites Consulting’s Conversation Manager

We are very proud to announce that Matthijs van den Broek (@Mgvandenbroek) is joining InSites Consulting on June 1st.
Matthijs will become our own Conversation Manager and will be responsible for the strategic conversation management at InSites Consulting. In his previous job, Matthijs was the community manager of, a leading Dutch marketing blog.
Looking at InSites Consulting’s ambitious international plans, we feel a strong need to further work on our brand awareness and knowledge in different markets. “As we created the term Conversation Manager we perfectly know the importance of this function to further develop our international brand. In the past we had a few people who were combining the role as conversation manager. Today, we feel the strong need to have a strong personality working for 100% on this challenge. With all his experience in this field, Matthijs is the perfect person to take the challenge.”, says Steven Van Belleghem, managing partner of InSites Consulting and author of ‘the Conversation Manager’.
Matthijs has a clear view on what it takes to use content as a strategic marketing asset. “A company like InSites Consulting has so much relevant content available. If you only look at all the research that is conducted internally, but also at the large number of case studies they produce, it is clear that content is the best way to market this company. I am looking forward to help boosting the international brand perception of InSites Consulting.
In my job at Marketingfacts, relevance in our stories always was key. In this new challenge at InSites as a conversation manager, relevance will be more key than ever. For consumers, readers, clients, and employees.”

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