Meet your Chief Consumer Officer on Thursday April 24

Do you know anybody whose business card says ‘Chief Consumer Officer’? Does your company have one? Ever thought about the fact that consumers should have a seat at the board room table? No? Then this is the time to reconsider. Join us in our brand new Smartees Seminar, hosted on Thursday April 24 in our Ghent office.
In this half-day inspiration session, you will learn how to structurally collaborate with your consumers, how to bring all internal stakeholders into your board and how to activate them to take relevant action. But more importantly, we will introduce the Chief Consumer Officer to you and the impact he has on your company, with client cases of ATAG and the Belgian Football Association.
It is a fact that both the consumers and the business world are changing rapidly. Organisations need to become more open and agile. You need to embrace the empowered consumer, in order to be able to react quickly to new trends and emerging consumer needs. Why? To become the winners of tomorrow!
If you want to be part of these winners of tomorrow, you should definitely join us on Thursday 24 April. We kick off at 12pm with a welcome lunch and we will end the day around 5pm with networking and drinks, but the full programme is available on our Smartees website. So, do not hesitate and sign up online now.
Tweetaway orangeTweetaway: Join the Chief Consumer Officer Smartees by @InSites on April 24 in Ghent #mrx #consumercentricity

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