New ESOMAR awards to win

As the Belgian representative for ESOMAR, Niels Schillewaert, our managing partner, is keeping an eye on the ESOMAR news. ESOMAR announces 2 awards:
Young Researcher Award (New!). Invites the bright young things of our industry to think outside of the box and apply their skills to issues of global relevance and importance. What is in it for you? Exposure & content!
– three finalists will present their research at the ESOMAR Congress in Montreux in September
– the winner will get a feature article in Research World, a publication on the Esomar web site and two free Esomar workshop attendances
Full information for the Young Researchers Award and how to apply can be found on the website:
The Excellence Awards for Standards of Performance in Market Research. This bi-annual and prestigious award recognises the highest contributions to the market research industry.
ESOMAR will soon be inviting ESOMAR members to nominate either an individual or organisation that they believe shows outstanding achievement that stimulates excellence at an international level. So please do get thinking! Who of your acquaintances (they need not be Esomar members) do you think has made a difference to the industry at the international level that you would like to see receive this prestigious accolade? The nomination procedure for the Excellence Awards will go live soon, so more information shortly.
It would be an honor if we have submissions & nominations for both awards from Belgium indicating that we do count when it comes to market research! If you want more information about ESOMAR initiatives in Belgium, you can get in touch with Niels at or +32(0)9 269 15 04.

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