New York office in 2012

Yesterday we announced our plans to open a US office in 2012. This decision underlines our ambition to provide a truly international service to global firms and boost our ability to connect with and service key decision makers in global consumer companies.

“If we take our claim seriously of becoming a true business partner to our global clients, we need to make sure we have the right competences available where our clients operate. The InSites Consulting offering is wide and innovative, spanning all marketing domains. We recently complemented our research toolbox with a consulting offering helping companies to manage conversations about their brands. This requires large teams of senior and well trained professionals with strong client networks.” says Christophe Vergult, Managing Partner and responsible for international development.

This analysis has led to the decision to cross the Atlantic and open the New York office in early 2012. The stateside opening follows several years of rapid and continuous growth and expansion in Europe. The growth challenges of our key clients increasingly require a true connection with consumers in both large and emerging consumer markets.

“InSites Consulting will speed up its investments in access to consumers in emerging markets. This also implies a further expansion of our already multi-national consulting team”, explains Christophe Vergult.

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