Online Research 2011

While panel-based surveys dominate the online research landscape, researchers increasingly have access to a wide range of other web-based and mobile tools. Some, such as extracting meaning from social media, are already mainstream. Others could transform the way we gather insights in the years to come.
On March 1 WARC organizes their Online Research Conference addressing the full spectrum of online research techniques and looking ahead, examining the latest in social media and digital innovation.
Two InSites speakers on the agenda.
Tom De Ruyck will present a Social Media Nethnography & Communities case study with Danone and Prof. Dr. Niels Schillewaert is the guest keynote speaker presenting ‘The Future of Online Research: Engaging and Activating Stakeholders’.

  • What is research good for in the first place?
  • Managers need to stop talking and become truly market oriented
  • Research needs to be a conversation starter among participants as well as managers

Want to join them in London? Find out more about the event online.

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