Our companies’ history is now on Facebook

In the Fall of 2011, Facebook created Timeline, it’s a new profile page for individuals but also for brands. It allows companies to tell their entire history in one scrollable page to their fans and clients. InSites Consulting as a company dates back to 1997. The last days, we took the opportunity to update our brand page on this booming social network to the new style so we now can proudly announce our companies’ Facebook Timeline with the complete history of InSites Consulting. This timeline is wider than our old profile with a lot more visuals from the past and present, with information back to our foundation in 1997.

Check out some group photo’s of teambuilding activities, take a look at me, as the first employee of InSites Consulting (check out my hair). There are a lot of stories about our company out there, waiting for you to be found. From now on you can find on our timeline from the smallest things we do to the biggest events. Enjoy the experience of being able to look back over time of memorable moments of InSites Consulting. Can’t wait to see yours! Thanks a lot to our intern Stefanie Van Durme for some great project management. 🙂
Here’s the link to our home on Facebook! We love to hear your feedback.

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