Our online research community is growing

The possibility to conduct studies amongst our own research community, is one way in which InSites Consulting can differentiate. Therefore, we have steadily been building an online research community, not only in key countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, etc., but also in important emerging markets as Turkey, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, etc. There are currently well over 2 million participants in our community from literally all over Europe, and beyond.
With around 700.000 participants in Western European countries, constituting 34% of our panel, we are quite strong in most key markets. Just under 30% of our research community is from Eastern Europe, where our top countries are Russia, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Romania. Besides Spain, Italy and Portugal, the 17% from Southern Europe also feature Greece and Serbia.”

Want to find out more about our research panel? Contact Sam Berteloot (sam.berteloot@insites.eu)

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