Alice Mathews

Alice Mathews

Culture & Trends Consultant

Manchester office

51 Lever Street

M11FN Manchester

United Kingdom


Hi, I’m Alice, Retail and Beauty lead for the Culture & Trends team in Manchester, UK. My background is in content production and strategy, a skill I have transferred into the management of our team editorial schedule and social media channels. ​ As a naturally curious person, I am passionate about understanding the underlying needs of people, exploring how this influences the way we live our lives and the decisions we make. Since joining the company in 2017, I have worked closely with a range of our global retail clients to deliver future-focused projects – integral in a sector experiencing such dramatic change. ​ I am fascinated by what is happening at the leading-edge in fashion and beauty, and enjoy unpicking trends from both a cultural and a generational perspective. To stay ahead of change, I frequently interview leading-edge consumers from around the globe to provide recommendations for brands looking to enter new markets, or I target new audiences. ​ Outside of work, I spend my time doing photography, writing and escaping the city for the countryside back in Wales where I grew up.

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