Anita Peerdeman

Anita Peerdeman

Managing Director Germany

 +49 211 5421 6643

Düsseldorf office

Erkrather Strasse 401

40231 Düsseldorf



Anita started her career in market research at the agency side in 1995 and expanded her research experience at the client side by joining Friesland Campina in 2001. As innovation is one of her core domains, she also took on the role of marketing manager for some of the Dutch RFC diary brands, enabling her to develop a helicopter view on marketing & innovation and to understand how research plays a role in that. She joined InSites Consulting in 2011 and after managing the Dutch office for 5 years, she took on the challenge to start and grow the German business for InSites Consulting in 2016. Next to this management role, she is the global Account Director for Red Bull and Henkel, serving these clients on a daily basis with impactful consumer insights that help drive their business forward. On a personal level, Anita is happily married and the proud mum of two bold sons, Wouter & Corné, aged 19 and 17. She has obtained teaching experience while being a dance teacher, but also loves to host guest lectures at universities about market research. She relaxes after work by reading books and writing reviews about them, watching movies, wining & dining with friends and walking the dog, and she needs her 2x/week yoga class to keep fit & healthy.

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