Annelies Verhaeghe

Annelies Verhaeghe

Managing Director Romania

 +32 9 269 14 06

Timișoara office

2 Strada Dr. Liviu Gabor

300057 Timisoara


Some of my blog posts

In search of the unconscious mind – We think less than we think

In a previous life, I studied cognitive psychology. I have always been intriged by the functioning of the brain and…

Research in the mobile mindset

2012 finally seems to be the year of mobile. Smartphone penetration booms, mobile marketing budgets grow exponentially, and online sources…

Online Research 2009

Thursday 5 March 2009. I am on the Eurostar to Brussels after a two day conference on online research organized…

We are on stage at the next 3 ESOMAR Conferences. Ready to join us?

At the InSites Forwar&d Lab, we are dedicated to take our industry forward. In our continuous search for fresh ways to…

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Pieter De Vuyst, Research Consultant at InSites Consulting, was one of the guests in a discussion program on ATV. He…

Scandinavian Marknadsundersökningens Dag

Scandinavian countries are famous for their innovative and progressive ideas in the organization of their society. Wondering if they would…