Catherine Morris

Catherine Morris

Research Manager

Manchester office

51 Lever Street

M11FN Manchester

United Kingdom


Hi! I’m Catherine and I’m from a tiny island in the English channel called Jersey. Since graduating in Psychology I’ve worked in social, pharmaceutical and now primarily consumer market research. I started my career managing mainly face-to face research; these days it is predominantly multi-market projects with a focus on online.​ ​ I enjoy research because every day is different, and you become an expert on all sorts of weird and wonderful topics! Watching people from all different countries videoing themselves brushing their teeth was probably the strangest moment for me so far! ​ ​ Outside of work I can be found sampling the local restaurant and music scene OR, on the few days it is sunny in Manchester, running or hiking (basically soaking up as much sun as I can!). I attend a book club and life drawing regularly, as I find reading and drawing really relaxing.