Daniel Teixeira

Daniel Teixeira

Managing Director Singapore


 +44 20 7870 2578

Singapore office

71 Robinson Road #14-01

068895 Singapore



Hi ! I’m Daniel, Social Psychologist, originally from Porto, Portugal. ​ Managing Director of the InSites office in London, I've been with InSites since early 2010. Since I started here, I've managed hundreds of multi-methodology projects for global brands such as Heineken, AXE/LYNX, BBC News, Viacom, Sony, Gumtree and Uber, with a focus on FMCG, media and customer experience.​ ​ My everyday goal is more easily said than done; passionate about bringing brands closer to consumers, facilitating co-creation and generating impactful insights.​ My absolute passion is centered around brand growth, communication & product development, with expertise areas being branding and innovation. ​ ​ Football, music, cinema and London fan. Guitar learning is the latest hobby, Bob Dylan my bigger-than-life mentor.​ Digital trends follower & GenY/Z erudite, older GenYer myself.​ ​

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