Delphine Vantomme

Delphine Vantomme

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Some of my blog posts

Trendwatching in the financial sector

Motivated by the outlook of trendwatching in the financial sector, I exchanged a Belgian official holiday (Nov 1) for eFinancials,…

How structural collaboration leads to value propositions in the Financial sector

In the (post) crisis era, challenging the status quo through innovation will be critical to restore profitability in the financial…

Social Media Impact 2014

News is spread through different types of media. In the past, the focus for spreading news was on television, radio…

Majority of consumers do not believe major banks’ advertising

A recent PUB (Belgian trade magazine) and InSites Consulting survey organised early April shows that the Belgians are rather satisfied about their bank. Since the…

Leveraging Social Media in Finance

Social media is the Tsunami that will allow the socialization of banks, is what I consider the key message of…

The sound of C in Creativity: 3 pillars of Connected Creativity

The fourth edition of TV Day took place on March 25, 2014. MEDIALAAN TV ADVERTISING, PUB and InSites Consulting presented…