Helen Conlon

Helen Conlon

Associate Director


Manchester office

51 Lever Street

M11FN Manchester

United Kingdom


Hi! I’m Helen and I’ve been working in research since 2007; I've been at Join the Dots | InSites Consulting since 2016. Over this time I’ve worked on consumer research and employee engagement research, and led on a mixture of quant and qualitative projects. I’ve worked across most sectors including FMCG, retail, financial and Universities, and at the moment am focused mostly on our travel & tourism sector. I’m loving getting to know this sector in depth, although it does make you want to be on holiday all the time! ​ ​ I’ve always been interested in data and statistics and have always been intrigued as to why people do certain things and what is driving their decisions, so it was perhaps inevitable that I would end up working in research! As well as doing these things, I enjoy getting to know new clients and new organizations and working out how our research can really make a difference to their business and its customers. ​ ​ Outside of work most of my time is spent chasing around my two young children, keeping them busy and being outside as much as we can. I love travelling and exploring new places, and if I get some spare time in the evening, I try and go for a run or curl up with a good book.