Hollie Heatherington

Hollie Heatherington

Research Executive


Manchester office

51 Lever Street

M11FN Manchester

United Kingdom


Hi, I’m Hollie! I started working in research in 2018 and joined Join the Dots | InSites Consulting in July 2019.​ ​ A lot of the research I’ve done has been mixed-method ad hoc projects, and I’m particularly passionate about eliciting behavioural insight through online methods like digital ethno and social intelligence.​ My current focus lies on clients in retail and financial services, but I also did a lot of work in the education sector in a former life.​ ​ My passion for research comes from wanting to have a deeper understanding of human behavior and the society we live in, the reasons why we make daily decisions and how this can help clients better understand their customers. ​ ​ I have a natural curiosity for emerging global trends. I studied Politics & Philosophy at University, I’m a member of the Manchester Philosophical Society and have a keen interest in different philosophical theories, US and British Politics. I also enjoy skiing and netball.​