Joeri Van den Bergh

Joeri Van den Bergh

Managing Partner

 +32 9 269 16 06

Ghent office

Evergemsesteenweg 195

9032 Ghent


Some of my blog posts

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As published on How Cool Brands Stay Hot on January 23, 2014. Did you know that, on average, GenYers follow…

The untapped potential of imperfection

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The Millennial impact on the future workplace

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Influential generation calls for more attention

Today we launched the companion blog of How Cool Brands Stay Hot, my new Branding book on Generation Y (written…

Conference review: Children – Seen and heard

Last week I visited the MRS conference on children research in London. Apart from interesting chats with the legendary smart…

The human side of brands

In an effort to reduce choice complexity, Generation Y’ers (like any consumer) group products together in a so-called consideration set….