Katia Pallini

Katia Pallini

Content Marketing Director


Ghent office

Evergemsesteenweg 195

9032 Ghent



Katia joined InSites Consulting in 2011 as quantitative research consultant, working for a broad range of global and local clients from the CPG, media and communication sectors. In 2013, Katia joined the ForwaRD Lab team, the R&D and innovation department at InSites, where her focus lies mainly on innovation within survey research. Today she works as content marketer, translating the research side of things in easily digestible content, by crafting inspirational content pieces that showcase what we do through tangible, case-driven and easy-to-digest formats. Areas of expertise are branding, innovation, implicit measurement and making research NextGen-proof. She has presented her work in research innovation at a broad range of (industry) congresses (e.g. IIEX, ESOMAR, MRMW, MOA, Magnify…) and is a regular guest lecturer at universities and business schools (e.g. Ghent University, Vlerick Business School…).

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