Katia Pallini

Katia Pallini

Content Impact Manager


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Ghent office

Evergemsesteenweg 195

9032 Ghent


Some of my blog posts

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Over the past weeks we introduced Brand Religions, our mapping of today’s most popular marketing strategies. We kicked off with the Penetration…

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The era of averages is over

The life expectancy of humans is increasing year after year, yet that of brands and companies is declining at an…

Innovating Innovation with Van de Velde's CEO Erwin Van Laethem

What started out as a 5-day inspiration tour in Silicon Valley organized by BNP Paribas Fortis for 10 Belgian entrepreneurs…

Survey participants are more than just judges!

When considering the participant’s role in traditional survey research, you could think he or she takes up the role of…

The shifting marketing (research) reality: from linearity to acceleration

We continuously read stories which showcase that times change and things are not as they used to be. Many brands…