Magali Geens

Magali Geens

Managing Partner | Head of Growth Management

 +32 9 269 16 04

Ghent office

Evergemsesteenweg 195

9032 Ghent



ROLE AT INSITES CONSULTING Magali joined InSites Consulting in 2003 when it was still a small academic start-up. She has been Managing Partner since 2011. Magali has been a privileged witness and important driver of the phenomenal growth InSites Consulting has achieved over the years. Today, Magali is the Client Happiness leader of an extraordinary team that drives our global brand footprint, carries out our stories and actively develops our business across client-facing offices around the world. In the day-to-day, Magali also remains actively involved in the client management and consulting for iconic brands in the pharmaceutical & health care industries. PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND & ACTIVITIES Magali obtained her master's degree in Marketing Management at Vlerick Business School (2003, with great distinction) and won the prestigious Vlerick Business Plan Award that year. Upon request of her Professor in Marketing Research (one of the InSites Consulting co-founders), Magali joined the team straight from school as junior research consultant.  In the many different positions she occupied throughout the years, her passion for our company mission and her drive to bring our clients to the future first has always been a constant. As commercial leader, Magali fuels a company-wide wave of enthusiasm around our common goals. She nourishes the belief that we can reach the stars if we collectively put our minds and efforts to it.  PERSONAL STUFF Prior to her Marketing master, Magali first obtained a master's degree in Sports Management (2001, Ghent University, with greatest distinction). To date, Magali’s physical endurance is not inferior to her client happiness endurance. She holds a 2nd Dan in Karate-Do, was the only Belgian woman ever to summit the highest mountain on Antarctica (2005) and is proud finisher of the Berlin Inline Skate Marathon. Magali was born in 1979, borderline Gen X, is adventurously married to Seven Summiteer Bjorn Vandewege, and proud mum of son Wolf and daughter Runa. She unplugs and unwinds on their old farm, home to her family and 8 Shetland ponies.

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