Magali Geens

Magali Geens

Managing Partner

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Some of my blog posts

Talk to me: Empowering patients to speak up

Introduction to article as published in Touchpoint, the Journal of Service Design Volume 6 No. 2 (Better Outcomes by Design)…

New directions in health research

Barbara Nieuwenhuijs, Robert Dossin and I attended the EphMRA Shaping the future conference in London last week. This year’s theme:…

35 million heartbeats unnoticed

I was a teenager when Bruce Springsteen scored a big hit with Streets of Philadelphia. 20 years later, walking the…

DigiPharm Conference in London

Last week I attended the DigiPharm Conference in London, a Health Network Event for modern Pharmaceutical marketers. Yes, they do…

More than a matter of life or death

“Some people think football is a matter of life or death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.”…

Embracing change, cultivating opportunities

“I’m writing a long blog post, because I did not have time for a short one.” Already anno 1657 Blaise Pascal…