Mauricio Silveyra

Mauricio Silveyra

Research Director

 +44 20 7870 2585

London office

25-37 Easton Street, Clerkenwell

WC1X 0DS London

United Kingdom


Hola! I’m Mauricio, originally from Monterrey, Mexico. I have lived across the US, Canada, France and the UK. I studied business marketing and sociology at the university of Wisconsin at Madison. I have always had a passion for travel and understanding new cultures, and I believe I bring this international angle to my work. ​ ​ I started my career in research in 2005 at Research International and have since worked in several agencies including Flamingo, FireFish, Clear and Pulsar. In my time as a researcher I have worked on FMCG, Health care, and Automotive, with a focus on digital qualitative methodologies. ​ ​ Outside of work I’m crazy about strategy boardgames, I love growing plants and I often go hiking.