Niels Schillewaert

Niels Schillewaert

Managing Partner

 +32 9 269 15 04

Ghent office

Evergemsesteenweg 195

9032 Ghent


Some of my blog posts

Research 2009. The Annual Conference

  While there was not a central theme to the conference it could have been “power to the people”. If…

Featured in Quirk's: Tips for effective community engagement

The use of social media has changed our lives. User-created content, citizen journalism and online social interactions (conversation, collaboration, participation,…

Bring back the edge in a world in turmoil

As published in Research World Magazine, the February 2018 issue. The world is in turmoil: politically, economically, socially, technically. While change and…

How insight departments deal with change, while fundamentally things do not change

With shifting sources of competitive advantage, urbanization leading to new mindsets, behaviors and economies, advanced tech-connected living, the world around…

Stop asking questions, start listening

I attended the IJMR Research Methods Forum ‘Stop asking questions, start listening’. The venue was promising: ‘The Royal Society’. I…