Sarah Grant

Sarah Grant

Senior Research Manager

 +44 20 7870 2576

London office

25-37 Easton Street, Clerkenwell

WC1X 0DS London

United Kingdom


Sarah has worked across both the Sydney and London offices since 2014 (currently based in London). Working across offices has given her a wealth of experience in both global and local clients from the FMCG, banking, insurance, media, pharmeceutical, retail, health, outdoor & tech industries (Ferrero, Viacom, Sony, Ontex, Lucozade, Nestlé, AMP, Bupa, Uber, EOG, GSK...). Today she enjoys working on multi-method projects, having evolved into a 'hybrid' quant & qual researcher. ​ ​ Whilst her expertise is in branding, NextGen/ parent research & innovation research programmes, her true passion lies in constantly being challenged and experiencing all the different types of projects and research methodologies there are to play with - never one to shy away from a new challenge. The best way to describe her attitude is through her favourite quote from none the wiser, Yoda: "Do or do not, there is no try". She has presented her work related to research innovation and client cases at the MRS annual conference in London in '18 and '19, as well as at ISPO Munich 2018 and European Outdoor Summit 2018.​ ​ When she's not working hard, she's, of course, playing hard - whether that's travelling, cycling, at a new pop-up restaurant, snowboarding or even just binge-watching the latest Netflix series - whatever she does, it's always full throttle.