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Thomas Troch

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Some of my blog posts

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Last month’s issue of Research magazine illustrates how brands are using consumer communities and co-creation to develop strategies, products and…

Reaching your target group through consumer inspired advertising

9 months ago, Belgian advertising agency Famous started the structural collaboration with 150 Flemish and 150 Walloon consumers through their…

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My quest for consumer-centric design at Dutch Design Week 2011

With a focus on the involvement of consumers in the development of new products and services, it was great to…

Heineken takes inspiration from clubbers to co-create a visionary nightclub

Last month Heineken kicked off a global design project, connecting club goers and designers in the development of a pioneering…

RWconnect: Giving value for getting value

“In your average research project, respondents are asked to do a lot of stuff. Filling out questionnaires, sitting in focus…