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Thomas Troch

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Some of my blog posts

Community Managers in the picture on #cmad2013

For the third year in a row, we’re celebrating Community Manager Appreciation Day! CMAD recognizes and celebrates the efforts of…

Happy World Co-creation Day!

Today, it’s World Co-Creation Day, referring to the birthday of the late Prof. C.K. Prahalad. Given the topic, it’s appropriate…

Nightlife journey inspires the creation of the Heineken concept club [Interactive infographic]

This April, the end result of an exciting collaborative design project will be revealed at the Milan Design Week 2012….

7 people to follow on Co-Creation

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Fringe report: Is Market Research really a career?

What is the image of the market research industry amongst young graduates? What makes them tick? Is our industry considered…

Heineken wins CCA Co-Creation Award crowdsourcing

Tuesday, the Co-Creation Association has announced the winners of the Co-Creation Award 2011 on an event hosted by Capgemini. We’re…