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Thomas Troch

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Some of my blog posts

Reaching your target group through consumer inspired advertising

9 months ago, Belgian advertising agency Famous started the structural collaboration with 150 Flemish and 150 Walloon consumers through their…

Innovation as a driving force for the future of BRICS

Today leading figures in emerging markets are sharing their thoughts and experiences at the first edition of the innovaBRICS Conference,…

RWconnect: Giving value for getting value

“In your average research project, respondents are asked to do a lot of stuff. Filling out questionnaires, sitting in focus…

Our Heineken concept club community wins Best Presentation Award

Last Friday, we won the ‘2012 Best Presentation Award’ with Heineken on the 8th International Conference on Design & Emotion,…

Surprise your Community Manager on #cmad 2012

Today, we’re celebrating Community Manager Appreciation Day (#cmad on Twitter) and we’d like to thank everyone who is improving consumer’s…

Two co-creation cases in the Award spotlight: Heineken and Telenet

The Co-Creation Association connects people with a passion and interest in co-creation. On 22nd of November 2011, their second edition…