Consumer Consulting Square

Meet our Consumer Consulting Square (or Square for short)! This fully hybrid community platform allows you to connect with consumers anytime, anywhere.

With its integrated suite of qualitative and quantitative research solutions, state-of-the art tools and techniques, the Square is the most versatile insight engine on the market.

Designed by the InSites Consulting renowned ForwaR&D Lab team, this next-level community platform brings deep consumer and contextual understanding, and taps into the growing need for agility with research following the pace of your business.

Fully hybrid

Mixing qual & quant. implicit & explicit measures with its +100 owned & partner plug-ins

All in one

All your research needs on one platform

Mobile first

Consumer feedback anytime, anywhere


Fast turnaround times following the pace of the business

Flexible service model

From full service support to DIY modules


Dedicated network of consumers
(+ option to source visitors)

Have we lost our EDGE?

Have we lost our EDGE?

Regaining your marketing and research edge. Global industries have been accelerating and growing, have your marketing strategies kept up? The world has moved from linearity, craftmanship, and scarcity to one of acceleration, automation and abundance – are you part of this transformation?

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Meet our

Insight Activation Studio

the digital backbone of your research program.

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