We empower consumers to help build strong brands, co-create meaningful products & services, and establish the best possible customer experience through our proprietary platforms, using a 360° mix of qualitative & quantitative activities and state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

Branding & communication

What defines strong brands? There is an amplitude of branding frameworks guiding marketers on how to grow strong brands. These branding frameworks do not only define brand strength, but also which metrics pursue.

From developing a brand key, testing a communication campaign to tracking brand performance, we understand and master these different schools-of-thought and actively use this expertise when defining the right approach for your brand challenges.

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Branding & Communication


Innovation is high on the agenda for many organizations, yet incumbents and established companies often struggle with the speed and quality of innovation and are challenged by successful disruptors and start-ups. The old ways of innovating often lack the DNA of what makes the disruptors successful: friction, passion and pilot. Our innovation research is designed around an iterative approach which structurally integrates these 3 DNA elements.

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Customer experience

Being a consumer-centric organization isn’t just the domain of a select few; every business that has the genuine desire to offer a truly satisfying customer experience can and should achieve this goal.

Our flexible customer experience research program, guides you in understanding and mapping the customer journey, crafting new solutions and tracking your performance across touchpoints.

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Customer Experience

This (distinctive assets measurement) is one most powerful pieces of research ever conducted in my career. InSites Consulting helped develop this methodology and powerful reporting tools very effectively and efficiently

Pascal Mignolet
Global head of market research at Jacobs Douwe Egberts

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