Consumer Centricity Academy

Consumer Centricity Academy

Leadership and marketing teams of brands around the world increasingly realize they are not like their consumer, and they need to become more consumer centric. However, we see organizations struggling to act. Which concrete steps should we take? What are the benefits for our organization?

“We live in this weird bubble called marketing; and we don’t step outside and behave like a normal member of the public. It’s bizarre. Marketing people are living in a constant bubble.

Sir John Hegarty, Advertising Executive

Explore the four modules of our Consumer Centricity Academy

To increase the competence level of marketing and consumer insights professionals, we’ve built a full learning program consisting of four modules.

We inspire professionals to act more consumer-centric, train them to observe consumers via Consumer Connects, teach them how to transform consumer observations into insights and to then activate these insights by translating them into product/ service ideas and concepts, and by changing actual behavior.


  • Did you know that 72% of consumers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, and that 66% would switch brands if they felt treated like a number, not an individual? (source) Consumers are on a quest for relevance and expect brands to play a role in this.

    In module 1 we outline in depth why consumer centricity and being insight-led is vital, and how insights can fuel businesses.

  • Our second module is a Consumer Connect training. In an interactive and hands-on way, we teach you why and how to talk to consumers to make your Consumer Connect program a success.

    The module consists of three courses including training on how to talk to consumers, how to build a conversation guide and practical tips & tricks putting the theory into practice.

  • What is an insight, and how to get to insights? Our third module consists of four chapters.

    During this interactive training course, we share the theory on the power of insights, how to create and write them, and how to create habits of working with insights. In a final chapter, we will apply this to a concrete business case.

  • In our final module we teach you how to bring consumer insights to life with a selection of workshop and training sessions.

    It’s a pick & choose module of 3 chapters containing an ideation workshop (how to use insights to generate product or service ideas), a concept writing workshop (how to write new concepts from draft ideas or fine-tune existing concepts) and a ‘From Insights to Behavior’ session (to learn the basics of behavioral economics and how to nudge your consumers into adjusting their behavior).


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Jeroen van Vliet - Suntory

The Academy program by InSites Consulting has really been the cornerstone of a cultural change in our company. Besides the capability of writing good consumer insights, the program has also delivered a mind shift; everyone in the company started to realize the added value to our business of having consumers at the heart.”

Jeroen van Vliet, Consumer Insight Manager, Suntory International

Why us


We are trained to train

Our content modules are developed by industry thought leaders that have an extensive knowledge on consumer centricity, both from an academic perspective and from real-life projects.

Our Academy team is fully trained to facilitate understanding and engagement for all levels of stakeholders.


We know your business

We are consumer (insight) experts working together with the world’s greatest brands across diverse industries.

We draw on this experience to ensure the relevance of the training program for your brand, and we involve consultants with the relevant background knowledge about your brand and/or industry.


We bring impact

Our training programs provide real-life impact on brands and business units.

Recommended by a fine selection of global brands, our Academy provides a better understanding of Consumer Centricity and Insights. It breeds confidence and competence among your workforce to create strong consumer insights.

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The insights and concept-writing training were tailored to our needs, and relevant to different parts of the business. Afterwards, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants, in terms of both content and delivery. This training has provided STADA colleagues with a new spark to innovate and achieve business.”

Susanne West, Vice President Global Business Intelligence at STADA


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