State of the art Panel Management

This week I joined Sam, Director TalkToChange and Managing partner at InSites Consulting,  to the MOA Panel Institute conference in Amsterdam. The topic was on state-of-the-art-panel management. Speakers from different companies (including SSI, GFK, Metrixlab, …) presented their vision on panel management. It was a pretty busy afternoon with interesting presentations and also the official start of the MOA Panel Institute.
Besides the MOA Panel Institute presentation, most of the presentations were focusing on the problems panel suppliers are facing such as panel overlap, data quality, respondent experience, drop out reasons … These presentations were mainly on identifying the problems which was very interesting to see. Several initiatives were presented to measure panel overlap and pressure and how to deal with this. Different findings that should lead to better data quality in online research.
The presentation of Sam was focusing more on solutions offered through our new TalkToChange community approach. How can we optimize the experience of the respondents? What are their frustrations? How do we engage our participants?
Showing examples of our new connected philosophy through online discussion groups, community research, … But also optimization of the experience when taking online surveys. With we have already taken a big step towards this direction. Visit our site:
This is Sams presentation . It’s very visual, so for more information on this topic or about TalkToChange, don’t hesitate to contact Sam on

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