That's a wrap for our Smartees Summer School!

For the second year in a row, we kept (y)our summer cool with our Smartees Summer School. Did you enjoy one of our sessions or are you just curious what it’s all about? Well, here’s the Smartees Summer School wrap-up.
For 5 weeks running, every Wednesday in August was transformed to Webinar Wednesday: one presenter, one topic, one hour to inspire you with our latest research, marketing and business thinking. We’ve lined up all 5 sessions below just in case you missed one/many or if youwant to share it with your colleagues. Enjoy the inspiration!

Smartees Summer School toolbox to find your edge at the edges

Smartees Summer School toolbox to unleash the power of consumer insights

Smartees Summer School toolbox to optimize your consumer journey strategy

Smartees Summer School toolbox to get a deep-dive into why & how online health communities can impact your business

Smartees Summer School toolbox for a cross-generational view on NextGen marketing

Don’t forget to check out our Smartees website, as we already have some online and offline sessions in store for you in the upcoming months. Hope to meet you there!
And keep it cool as we’ll be back next year with our Smartees Summer School 😉

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