The power of SlideShare

As a frequent user of Slideshare, we’re proud to say that our InSites SlideShare channels are now used as a case study to prove the power of Slideshare. At InSites Consuling, we want to act as change agents, connecting brands to consumers and help companies to better understand the ever-increasing role social media plays in their relationships. The Slideshare network is a valuable tool for us to share our content (such as papers, research reports…) with a global audience. Next to our corporate channel, we created personal Slideshare channels focusing on specific marketing research domains: Generation Y, Social media and Research Communities. Next to that, all the presentations that are brought on stage by one of the InSites people at events, conferences, etc. are shared on our InSitesConsulting_onstage channel.
Find out more on how we use SlideShare in the full case study:

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